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A practical, and insightful dive into the often mystifying waters of data marketing, with some serious movers and shakers in the industry.

We'll look at how to collect good data, how to use it to build your brand, develop your content, personalise your messages and build audiences.


• People in Marketing and Communications roles in Agencies, Companies, Brands, Multinationals and SMEs

• Creatives

• Entreprenuers

• Tech / IT professionals

For marketers and communications people in businesses both large and small, there'll be useful tips and advice on developing your own data marketing strategies.

With special thanks to our Breakfast Club Series Partner, The Fry Group. An American style buffet breakfast will be served at this event. 


Data-Driven Marketing Analytics

Adriaan Nel, Associate Director, Nielsen APAC

• Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.

• How can marketers get the most out of marketing budgets, using data?

The Data behind Content and Audience Building 

James Rothwell, Director of Marketing, Netflix

• How does Netflix use data to develop content and build audiences?

• What data points are important in measuring the success of content on the Netflix platform?

Data-Driven Marketing for Brands

Damien Lavin, Head of Agency, Google

• How marketing analytics can help drive marketing investments and business value?

• Practical and useful tips on developing your own data marketing strategies.

Data-Driven Marketing and Personalisation, 

Tim Webb, Managing Director, Sequebb

• Data personalisation and its impact.

• Practical and useful tips on developing your own data personalisation strategies.

Big Data Marketing and Disruption

Oliver Kunze, Chief Data Officer, TBWA

• How is Artificial Intelligence challenging creativity?

• A look at the future of data and marketing.



Adriaan Nel

Associate Director, APAC of Nielsen

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James Rothwell

Director of Marketing at Netflix

Damien Lavin

Head of Agency at Google

Andrew Clark

Partner at AsiaWorks

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Tim Webb

Founder & Managing Director of Sequebb

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Oliver Kunze

Chief Data Officer at TBWA Singapore

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